New Member Policy

The bullets below describe the GBC policy for the introduction of new members to the group.

  • Any current member who wants to recommend a new potential member must bring it up at the beginning of the meeting under new business.
  • Member will state the candidate’s name and business.
  • Members will discuss any potential conflicts with current members. If no conflicts are found, the new candidate will be invited to attend the next meeting.
  • At this meeting the candidate will simply observe the meeting. Candidate will not give a 60 second commercial or place their business cards in the card catalog. They may bring business cards to hand out individually.
  • At the candidate’s second meeting they will be given 3 minutes to explain in detail their business.
  • After the meeting, the Membership Secretary will send out an email to all members asking them to vote on the candidate. The member who recommended the candidate will inform the candidate of the group’s decision.
  • The new member will give their full business presentation within the first month of their membership.